Afrinanny Talks with Expert on Live-In Nannies


Now that stay at home orders are in place; more families may feel like live-in nannies are a great childcare option.

Afrinanny Inc. recently attended Nanny/Parent Expert Educator, Mrs. Angela Johnson’s workshop, on live-in nannies.

Mrs. Johnson is the founder and CEO of Ask the Nanny, an online community dedicated to providing professional development to caregivers and educating families on fostering healthy relationships with caregivers. She has over 40 years of childcare experience as a former in-home daycare owner, nanny, and most currently newborn care specialist. She hosts various online workshops geared towards empowering caregivers and families with skills to navigate the childcare experience.

“Live in nannies are a great convenience for many families, but boundaries are important. Many families have the misconception that because a nanny lives in the home, they are on call “24/7”.  Parents must abide by labor laws that guarantee the caregiver to be paid and, in some cases, paid overtime.”

Mrs. Johnson explains how she, as a former live-in nanny, ensured that parents trained their kids to know when she was at work and that she was off.

“You have to have a clear line of communication upfront from both parties. Live-In Nannies are a luxury due to convenience for the family, but they need compensation accordingly, sometimes even more than expected.  They are leaving the comforts of their home to help you. Keep that in mind.”

Mrs. Angela brings years of experience to the Afrinanny family. We are happy to partner with her in training our caregivers to deliver the most exceptional, culturally relevant care. Starting August 29, 2020, she will be providing specialized virtual training to Afrinannies, and we are so excited!


Interested caregivers, you do not want to miss the knowledge Mrs. Angela is known for in childcare. Her workshops are a must for parents and childcare providers. Please check out for more detailed information!

Enjoy the recent podcast Afrinanny Inc did with our partner Ask the Nanny. Learn more about Afrinanny Inc, Nanny expectations and where parents go wrong in the nanny/parent relationship!


Dr. Irene Obika is the founder and CEO of Afrinanny Inc. is the only online marketplace where families of Black children can locate childcare providers with culturally relevant experience. 

She is also a practicing Family and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Texas. Please email her at for any inquiries. 

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